Translation image: Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, currently found in Louvre. Picture author: Guillaume Blanchard, 2004 [please see https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Egypte_louvre_144_hieroglyphes.jpg]
I can take care of your documentation,  newsletters, press releases, legal texts, marketing files, brochures, presentations, etc.
I have ample experience in IT, Tourism and BIM, among many other fields.
Here is a sample of some of my work, where not protected by NDA:
  • Nestlé: customer-oriented marketing files and white papers 
  • DocuWare: partner-oriented resources
  • GWS: partner-oriented marketing for this Facilities Management leader
  • Logitech: product brochures
  • Giesecke: product brochures
  • Orthofix: product brochures
  • Burberry: product sheets and website content
  • TILE: product brochures
  • Purina: product brochures, website content
  • Tiqets: website content and product articles on tourism, travel and entertainment
  • Autodesk: Partner and Support agreements
  • Skype: T&Cs
  • Huawei: RGPD campaign and product T&Cs
  • Tiqets: partners agreements
Other documentation
  • Newsletters for clients such as Autodesk or Yoox
  • Press releases for clients such as Continental